The Final Piece to Your Financial Wellness Package

Boost morale, improve productivity, and increase retention for employers by improving employees’ financial lives.


55% of Americans worry about an unplanned financial emergency


40% of Americans have no plan for handling an emergency


60% of Americans are unable to cover an unexpected $500 expense

Yet, only 52% of companies have financial wellness programs

What Your Clients Expect

Industry Knowledge

You can identify emerging benefits offerings and create innovative wellness packages

Budget Consciousness

You can design benefits packages that meet their budget and desired results

Customer Care

You can foster a strong business relationship by providing lasting value

How We Can Help

Searching for options? Working on an RFP? We have the tools to make it easy.

Add Value To Businesses and Earn Revenue

Add Value To Businesses and Earn Revenue

In the form of an Employer-Sponsored Program or as a Voluntary Employee Sign-Up.

Quick and Easy Enrollment

Quick and Easy Enrollment

Employee enrollment can be completed in 2 minutes.

Learn How to Best Serve Your Clients

Learn How to Best Serve Your Clients

Obtain measurable data to reduce employee benefit inquiries and overall financial stress.

Protect Your Client’s Financial Futures


Achieve your goal score with a personalized, 120-day action plan.


Know how much to pay and when with strategic payment plans.

$1MM Fraud Insurance

Protect not just yourself but your whole family from identity theft.

Money Manager

Track all your credit cards, bank statements, and accounts in one place.


Stop data traffickers from sharing or selling your information.


Receive alerts for suspicious activity and credit monitoring events.

Action Buttons

Report inaccuracies and ask questions directly with your creditors.

3B Report & Scores

Track and compare your credit activity across all 3 credit bureaus.

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