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The Impact of Financially Stressed Employees

“Employees are distracted”

10x more likely to not finish tasks at work

“We have low attendance”

7x more likely to miss a day at work

“We have high turnover”

2x more likely to be looking for a new job

How Our Tools Help

Reap the benefits of higher employee engagement, fewer absences, and greater levels of productivity.

ScoreMaster® credit score monitoring toolScoreMaster® credit score monitoring tool

A reimagined credit score experience for your employees

  • Demystifies credit score points by showing exactly how much to pay and when to reach their target score faster
  • Plan includes ‘Post Payment By’ dates targeted around creditor reporting schedules
money manager toolmoney manager tool

One-stop-shop for credit cards, bank statements, and accounts

  • See transactions, payments due, spending trends, and credit utilization
  • Reduce distractions and stress, increase engagement and productivity
credit score trackercredit score tracker

The best way to protect your team from identity fraud and scams

  • Stop scammers from stealing personal data with a single swipe
  • Manage employee privacy risk at a glance
$1 Million Identity Fraud Insurance$1 Million Identity Fraud Insurance

Give your employees peace of mind in the face of fraud

  • Zero-deductible insurance for employees’ whole household
  • Covers out-of-pocket expenses for ID recovery and pre-existing fraud they were unaware of

Additional Features

Smart Credit Report®

View your credit report in a simple and innovative way.


Receive alerts for suspicious activity and credit monitoring events.

Action Buttons

Report inaccuracies and ask questions directly with your creditors.

3B Report & Scores

Track and compare your credit activity across all 3 credit bureaus.

Happy Employees For Life!

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