The Financial Stress Reliever

ScoreMaster® helps people live more financially secure lives. We make understanding credit easier and identity fraud prevention painless.

For Employers

Increase retention of top talent by providing employees with financial wellness as part of their benefits package.

ScoreMaster® for Employers

For Brokers

Add value for your clients by providing a holistic, interactive financial wellness solution containing actionable advice.

ScoreMaster® for Brokers

For Providers

Enhance your offering with widgets that help users manage their credit, money, and privacy to achieve their financial goals.

ScoreMaster® for Providers

Total Health Includes Financial Health

Personal finance is ranked as a leading cause of stress in the country.


9x more likely to have troubled work relationships


90% of Americans feel anxious about money


2x more likely to report poor health overall

Why ScoreMaster®?

Since 2003, our platform has empowered people to take action on their credit and to feel in control of their finances.

Control Your Credit

Control Your Credit

Strategic payment plans based on data-driven insights to pay off debt while earning more credit score points.

employee benefit identity fraud insurance

Manage Your Money

Full-service resource for financial literacy education on credit score management, balancing budgets, savings, etc.

Protect your privacy

Protect Your Privacy

Directly request the removal of your private information from data broker websites with a single swipe.

Data Privacy is Precarious


79% of internet users feel they have lost control of their personal data


81% of internet users believe that their information is vulnerable to hackers


33% of email and social media users were victims of at least one cyberattack

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