Close More Deals

Give ScoreMaster® to your customers to close more and better-quality deals.

You & Your Customers Win

The ScoreMaster® Benefit
Before the Loan Closes*

with ScoreMaster®without ScoreMaster®

You & Your
Customers Win

Earn loyalty as they get more points for a better deal

Give ScoreMaster® to your prospects for free. After a one-minute enrollment, you can see how many more credit score points they can get within your loan process. It’s also the perfect opportunity to create customer loyalty.

You can qualify more people, give larger loans and retain more revenue by giving a better deal from the start.*

Real-Time Sharing
with You

credit score monitoring for lenderslenders credit score monitoring tool

Real-Time Sharing
with You

The open collaboration feature is the future of lending, allowing customers to share their ScoreMaster® Plan with you in real-time. Discuss the value of more credit score points and show them how spending may impact their loan process. Use this opportunity to walk them through loan options and better deals.

Sharing is Easy & Secure

Your customers only need to enter your email address to grant you limited access to their ScoreMaster® Plan.

Get a Competitive Edge
with ScoreMaster®

credit score monitoring for realtorsrealtors credit score monitoring tool

Get a Competitive Edge
with ScoreMaster®

Make ScoreMaster® Part of Your Brand

Enhance your brand value with a co-brand of ScoreMaster® in as little as one day. Make it known that your customers get ScoreMaster® for free when they contact you.

You will see more leads per marketing spend, higher consumer interest and do more deals.*

Make ScoreMaster® Part of Your Sales Pitch

"We've got ScoreMaster®. Enroll for free and see how many more credit score points you can get. Then let us show you better rates and options."

* ScoreMaster® is a patent-pending educational feature simulating credit utilization’s effect on credit scores via payments or spending. Your results may vary and are not guaranteed.