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Initial Credit Score
Points Achieved*
Credit Score Achieved*
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Real People, Real Results

The average is +61 points in
20 days*

A better credit score gives you easier access to loans, more borrowing power and better rates.

Before you apply for a loan, financing, appliance or even an apartment, use ScoreMaster® first to get a better deal & save money.

Your Unique Plan

Your Unique Plan

A Plan for You, Not The Averages

ScoreMaster® lets you save a precise Plan that is unique for your credit situation showing you how much to pay and to which account. Your Post Payment By dates are not your due dates but are uniquely timed by ScoreMaster® to be prior your creditor’s reporting cycle.

Simple, Easy & Fun

Slide the dial with one finger to easily see your available credit score points and how to get them. You can also see how to avoid lowering your credit score as you spend.

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A Full Suite of Features

A Full Suite of Features

Your Money, Credit & Identity in One Place

Your membership includes ScoreMaster®, ScoreBuilder®, ScoreTracker, Money Manager, Smart Credit Report®, 3B Report & Scores and $1 Million in Fraud Protection for your whole family and more!

Use the Action buttons to ask questions or solve problems on your credit report or online banking transactions.

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* ScoreMaster® is a patent-pending educational feature simulating credit utilization’s effect on credit scores via payments or spending. Your results may vary and are not guaranteed.