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How ScoreMaster® WorksHow ScoreMaster® WorksHow ScoreMaster® WorksHow ScoreMaster® Works

How Many Credit Score Points Can You Get?

Enroll in 2 minutes. Then use the ScoreMaster® 'Move Me' slider to see how many points you can get. Also, see how many points you can lose by spending.

Save Your Plan

ScoreMaster® will save your Plan, so you can leave and come back. Your Plan will detail precisely which accounts to pay, including how much and when.

You Can Share in Real-Time

Easily share access to your ScoreMaster® Plan with your lender to discuss options and better deals.

Protect Your Score When Spending

ScoreMaster® will show you which cards to use for your spending and by how much. Then see precisely when to pay the cards back to avoid hurting your credit score.

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