24/7 Credit Monitoring

The best around-the-clock protection you can count on.

Regularly Check and Protect Your Credit Score

From ID theft to data breaches, there are many things beyond your control that can damage your credit score. That’s why it’s never been more important to check your score on a regular basis and engage in a service that provides 24/7 monitoring.

So, why is ScoreMaster® the best solution for your credit score monitoring services? Because we offer more and do more than any other provider. We not only send you alerts for suspicious activity, payments due, and credit report events, but our $1 Million Whole Family Fraud Insurance covers your entire household.

But that’s not all we do to keep you safe and private. Our unique PrivacyMaster® feature scans and monitors websites that could be selling or misusing your personal information. Once located, you can request a removal of your personal data and prevent it from being sold or shared on these sites.

In ScoreMaster® you’ll see exactly how spending decreases your score so you learn how to balance the spending between your accounts. Plus, we have a personalized plan to help you get more points fast.

When you gain a better score, it’s even more crucial to keep your points, and that’s what makes us the best credit score monitoring service available anywhere. Find out what our credit score monitoring can do for you, and try it today!

Credit monitoring helps you catch mistakes or fraudulent activity, so you can immediately tackle any problems with your credit and minimize damage on your credit report. It also helps you check your progress and adjust accordingly.