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Eliminate the guesswork with your credit score. Most Americans have plus points to add to their credit score, but no idea how to get them. ScoreMaster® makes it easy.

You'll also understand the credit score consequences if you spend too much or if you’re the victim of credit card theft.

Credit score changes typically apply to all credit scores similarly including FICO® & VantageScore® versions as credit scores are derived from TransUnion®, Experian® and Equifax® where your credit utilization reported and used for scoring. *

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$1 Million Fraud

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The accurate information helps focus & target specific needs to get your credit score up quickly.

- J.B. in Irvine, CA

JB testimonial

Verified Purchase

ScoreMaster® is the best! It's helped so much, lots of control, ease of use!

- L.C. in Boston, MA

JB testimonial

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ScoreMaster® is an amazing tool! It tells you exactly what you need to do to raise your score.

- S.R. in Erie, PA

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How ScoreMaster® WorksHow ScoreMaster® WorksHow ScoreMaster® WorksHow ScoreMaster® Works

How Many Credit Score Points Can You Get?

Enroll in 2 minutes. Then use the ScoreMaster® 'Move Me' slider to see how many points you can get. Also, see how many points you can lose by spending.

Save Your Plan

ScoreMaster® will save your Plan, so you can leave and come back. Your Plan will detail precisely which accounts to pay, including how much and when.

You Can Share in Real-Time

Easily share access to your ScoreMaster® Plan with your lender to discuss options and better deals.

Protect Your Score When Spending

ScoreMaster® will show you which cards to use for your spending and by how much. Then see precisely when to pay the cards back to avoid hurting your credit score.

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Your Unique Plan

credit score monitoring tool for borrowercredit score monitoring in mobile for borrower

Your Unique Plan

A Plan for You, Not The Averages

ScoreMaster® lets you save a precise Plan that is unique for your credit situation showing you how much to pay and to which account. Your Post Payment By dates are not your due dates but are uniquely timed by ScoreMaster® to be prior your creditor’s reporting cycle.

Simple, Easy & Fun

Slide the dial with one finger to easily see your available credit score points and how to get them. You can also see how to avoid lowering your credit score as you spend.

A Full Suite of Features

money manager and credit score tool for borrowermoney manager and credit monitoring for borrower

A Full Suite of Features

Your Money, Credit & Identity in One Place

Your membership includes ScoreMaster®, ScoreBuilder®, ScoreTracker, Money Manager, Smart Credit Report®, 3B Report & Scores and $1 Million in Fraud Protection for your whole family and more!

Use the Action buttons to ask questions or solve problems on your credit report or online banking transactions.

Using ScoreMaster®

ScoreMaster® credit score monitoring toolScoreMaster® credit score app

Using ScoreBoost

Pay Differently

See how your payments can increase your credit score. Know how much to pay and by when. Know the optimal time to apply for a credit card, auto loan, mortgage or other credit.

Spending Impact

See how your spending can lower your credit score. Balance the spending between your accounts and know the optimum time to repay.

A Personalized Plan to Get More Points

Once your target score is saved, ScoreBoost will tell you specifically what to do.


Your Plan includes 'Post Payment By' dates targeted before a creditor reports your account details to credit reporting agencies.

Using ScoreBuilder®

credit score builder and monitoring toolcredit score builder and monitoring app

Using ScoreBuilder®

A Personalized Plan to Get More Points

ScoreBuilder® creates a personalized plan to help you understand what is helping and hurting your credit score, plus what actions you can take.

Simple Action Buttons

View your negative accounts weighing down your score and take action to take care of them.

Using PrivacyMaster®

credit score trackercredit score tracker for mobile

Using PrivacyMaster®

Protect Your Personal Information

We scan for websites and data brokers that are selling or misusing your personal information and alert you when discovered. PrivacyMaster® allows you to take immediate action within our dashboard to get your information removed. We then monitor for their ongoing compliance.

Additional Features

Smart Credit Report®

A simple and innovative way to view your credit report. Use Action buttons to quickly ask questions and resolve problems.

Money Manager

All your online banking in one place. Use Action buttons to quickly ask questions and resolve problems.

$1 Million Fraud Insurance

Covers Bank, Savings, Brokerage, Lines of Credit, Credit Card and more for your whole family.

Activation required after enrollment.


Receive alerts for suspicious activity, payments due & credit monitoring events. Link your phone to get alerts faster.

Action Buttons

With a simple button you can remove identity theft, negotiate debts, resolve reporting problems and ask questions directly with your creditors.

3B Report & Scores

View a side by side comparison of how your credit report looks across all 3 credit bureaus. Keep your reports free of any errors.